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Échange des 4èmes avec le Lycée International Franco-Américain de San Francisco

Hiver 2011

Article du 10 mars 2011, publié par Morgane Ellinger (modifié le 10 mars 2011 et consulté 1582 fois).

Quelques extraits du journal de bord tenu par nos élèves pendant leur séjour à San Francisco, du 4 au 19 février 2011.

Emma Lacourrège :
Wednesday, February 9

"I woke up at 7:00am and headed to school. It was a beautiful day. When we first arrived at school, there was an English project about Muir Woods. It was very good and really caught our attention. Then we did some group games with the American teacher ; it was really fun. We left for Muir Woods and had an hour drive. The forest was filled with redwoods, and it was magnificent – too bad there weren’t any animals. After the walk, we went to eat lunch and then take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we went back to French American to go back home with our correspondents."

Charlotte Lescar :
Monday, February 14

"Today we went to the Mission, which is the Hispanic district. There’s one street where every wall is covered with graffiti. It’s really cool. The murals are very precise. We went to a thrift store where I bought three records. We also ate lunch in a Mexican restaurant and we ate burritos ! Then we visited the Mission Dolores. It rained the whole day – Valentine’s Day !"

Madeleine Thompson :
Tuesday, February 15

"Today was one of the best ! We went to Chinatown in the morning and it was really amazing. It was built on the pieces of the ships that were abandoned during the Gold Rush. We had a guide and learned all sorts of things about their medicine, culture, food, way of living... We walked through and saw live frogs and turtles in a market ! It was so interesting and amusing to see that it was absolutely normal to everybody ! We went into the fortune cookie factory and I bought some. We went into a Buddhist temple and I really loved it. I could feel calm and peace. We ate really good Chinese food, too."

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